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  • Silk in the Indian subcontinent — Silk in India as elsewhere, is an item of luxury.For more than four thousand years, this cloth produced from the cocoons of caterpillers, has been associated with crowned heads and riches throughout the different ages. As a designer once said… …   Wikipedia

  • Silk Street — (zh cp|c=秀水街|p=Xiùshuǐjiē, aka Silk Market, Silk Street Market) is a shopping center in Beijing that accommodates over 1,700 retail vendors, notorious among international tourists for their wide selection of counterfeit designer brand apparels.… …   Wikipedia

  • SILK — (Heb. מֶשִׁי, meshi). Silk is mentioned once in the Bible by Ezekiel (16:10, 13) in his description of the splendid garments of the Israelite woman. The commentators identify this meshi with silk, and there may be an etymological connection… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Silk/Satin fetishism — is a sexual fetish relating to garments or other articles made of silk or satin fabric. It is usually directed towards people wearing silk or satin, but it can also be directed towards the garments themselves.Fetishists are attracted to silk and… …   Wikipedia

  • silk — /sɪlk / (say silk) noun 1. the fine, soft, lustrous fibre obtained from the cocoon of the silkworm. 2. thread made of this fibre. 3. cloth made of this fibre. 4. a garment of this cloth. 5. the gown of such material, worn distinctively by a Queen …   Australian English dictionary

  • silk — [silk] n. [ME silke < OE seoluc, prob. via Slav (as in OPrus silkas) < ? L sericus (or Gr sērikos), silken: see SERGE] 1. the fine, soft, shiny fiber produced by silkworms to form their cocoons 2. thread or fabric made from this fiber 3. a) …   English World dictionary

  • Silk Stockings (disambiguation) — Silk Stockings may refer to:* Silk Stocking Sal , a 1924 film directed by Tod Browning * Silk Stockings , a 1955 musical play based on the film Ninotchka * Silk Stockings (film), a 1957 film, also based on Ninotchka ee also* Silk Stalkings , a… …   Wikipedia

  • silk|i|ly — «SIHL kuh lee», adverb. in a silky manner: »Each garment whispered silkily to the floor (Harper s) …   Useful english dictionary

  • Silk — This article is about a natural fiber and the textile woven from it. For other uses, see Silk (disambiguation). Four of the most important domesticated silk worms, together with their adult moth forms, Meyers Konversations Lexikon (1885 1892)… …   Wikipedia

  • silk — silklike, adj. /silk/, n. 1. the soft, lustrous fiber obtained as a filament from the cocoon of the silkworm. 2. thread made from this fiber. 3. cloth made from this fiber. 4. a garment of this cloth. 5. a gown of such material worn distinctively …   Universalium

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